Kingsway Road Tunnel


Lasnek Product Group: Trunking and Bespoke
Scope of supply: 200 x 100 IP54 Bespoke Trunking
End Client: Mersey Tunnels

Project Overview

When the 1.5Km Kingsway Road Tunnel, which links the Wirral to Liverpool, required an upgrade to the extract fan and security systems Lasnek were approached to tender for the stainless steel cable management system.  The tunnel provided a unique set of issues to overcome.  Firstly the tunnel cleaning process meant the containment has to be protected from water ingress.  Secondly the tunnel curved throughout the entire length.  Thirdly the access points and lighting where displaced by 8ft.  Lasnek positioned their KLT IP54 rated trunking system to meet all the requirements. 

With a BSI test rating of 54 the KLT trunking provided the ideal solution of the prevention of ingress.  By utilising addition of special couplers allowing for a very slight angle change to each length, it was possible to follow the curvature of the tunnel. To minimise disruption and maximise tunnel shutdown each length would be installed onto pre-fitted brackets attached to the tunnel structure by the installing contractor. To facilitate the cable entry and exit to the sealed trunking, Lasnek manufactured each length in 2.4 metre sections with the inclusion of the appropriately positioned apertures.  Added to the logistics were that not all 625 lengths were to have the same aperture pattern.  With a punch pattern repeated three time and split unequally across all 625 lengths, Lasnek’s solution was to kit each set of lengths to each delivery therefore decreasing the time required in sourcing the correct lengths.  

CS2tunnel2To facilitate on site storage and security, each delivery was undertaken by two 20ft containers shuttled between the Lasnek manufacturing facility in Luton and the job site.  The project was completed over a 12 week period with the tunnel being closed to traffic in the evening to minimise disruption.

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