Anheuser Busch


Lasnek Product Group: Wireway (Trunking)
Scope of Supply: KM Series Wireway (Trunking)
TT  Series Wireway (Trunking)
Adjustable Fittings
Application: Bottling Hall – Filler Routing
End Client:  Anheuser Busch




Project Overview

Anheuser Busch, now part of the Inbev Group, have multiple production facilities throughout North America including the Cartersville facility based in GA.   Increased capacity necessitated an additional bottling line including conveyors, cappers and filling equipment.  Lasnek were the chosen supplier to provide the stainless steel wireway ( trunking ) through a local contractor.  While installation was initially thought to be straight forward, the issue of how to route wireway around the top of the Krones Filler remained a stumbling block for the Project Manager. 

After contacting Lasnek for advice on how to overcome the issue it was decided the simplest way was to use Lasnek’s unique adjustable fitting.  Developed initially for installations where the fixed angles of 45 or 90 degrees were not suitable. The Lasnek variable angle can be adjusted on site up to 35 degrees, therefore removing the time sensitive requirement to form a special fitting on site from a fixed one.

cartersville2By using multiple angled fittings and reducing the 10ft ( 3metre ) length it was possible to create a horizontal run that followed approximately the circular requirement of the filler.  Not only did this provide a neat and consistent finish it was undertaken using stock items therefore reducing significantly installation time around this obstacle.







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